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Find a local security installer who has been trained by us to install our Net2 product range with the greatest confidence. These certified installers are a part of our Paxton Partner Programme, working closely with our Regional Sales team to ensure that your needs are fully understood.

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Send a mail to to apply, please include your company name, email address and contact number.

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Map of SA Nothern Cape, Western Cape & Eastern Cape
Map of SA Free State,
Nothern Gauteng,
North-West &

Map of SA Southern Gauteng, Mpumalanga, kwaZulu-Natal & Lesotho

Paxton is committed to providing quality training and sales support to its customers both direct and indirect. However, Paxton assumes no responsibility or liability for any work undertaken by any of the companies listed on these pages and is indemnified from all and any losses resulting from or caused by any work undertaken by the companies listed on these pages.

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