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There are many reasons to choose Paxton.

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Don't know your Net2 from your Switch2? This guide introduces you to our product families.

Mark was extremely helpful. He was able to answer all of the questions that we posed to him and cleared up all of the misconceptions and issues that we had with Paxton. Mark also offered his personal assistance with any projects we may have in the future and assured us that he will always be willing to assist in any way possible. I left the meeting feeling better equipped and I can now confidently enter into an access control project knowing that I have the support that I need in order to be able to deliver exactly what the client needs. Well done to Mark from Paxton and Melissa from Regal and thank you for taking the time to meet with us.


Dan is doing a great job in South Africa. Together we are going to make Paxton the number one selling access Control system in Africa.


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